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Family and Succession, and Labour Law

We advise clients on all aspects of family law, succession law and employment relations. We help you negotiate a reasonable solution, deal with the authorities and a notary. Our lawyers have extensive experience in family law, both extrajudicial and judicial.

We advise and represent clients on:

  • issues related to the choice of property regime
  • issues related to marital property contract
  • issues concerning divorce and property division matters, we participate together with you or instead of you in negotiations
  • issues on the determination of communication procedure with the child and custody
  • claims for support
  • Disputes under Hague Convention on International Child Abduction and in all cross-border disputes

We advise employees, employers and members of directing bodies in connection with labour relations. If necessary, we draft employment contracts, contracts for members of directing bodies and the related documents and represent clients in negotiations. We also represent clients before the labour dispute committee and in court. We are working hard to prevent potential disputes.

We assist you in the following:

  • drafting employment, collective and financial liability contracts
  • drafting internal procedure rules and job descriptions
  • drafting directives
  • advising on the termination of employment contracts
  • advising on labour taxes
  • negotiations relating to labour disputes
  • matters relating to the recruitment of foreign workers and the related communication with the authorities. visa issues (application and renewal), employment registrations
  • representing in labour dispute committee and in court
  • drafting contracts with a member of the management and supervisory board and advisory service

The law firm’s lawyers advise clients on succession-related matters, including drafting wills and succession contracts, conducting succession proceedings (communication with a notary and other successors) and disputes relating to succession (division of the estate, contesting a will or succession contract).

Contact persons

Jüri Sirel

Sworn Attorney / Managing Partner

Sworn attorney Jüri Sirel advises clients primarily in matters of financial, commercial and bankruptcy law, the law of obligations and administrative law. Jüri possesses extensive experience representing clients on all levels of the judicial system in civil and administrative disputes, arbitral disputes and precontractual and extra-judicial negotiations.

In addition, Jüri also handles legal consultation of companies in hedging various financial risks, establishing and restructuring companies, competition law, real estate transactions, contractual disputes, and preparing notices of appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. Jüri has played a role in the work of bankruptcy committees in a number of major bankruptcy cases and has represented creditors and debtors in protection of their interests in all stages of bankruptcy proceedings.

Jüri is a managing partner at Sirel & Partners. He is a 2001 cum laude graduate of Concordia International University’s school of law in the field of international, European Union and comparative law. He has obtained further experience as a lecturer on legal topics and taking part in various in-service training and legal work groups.

Jüri has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 2002 and a sworn attorney since 2004. Before the founding of Sirel & Partners, he was employed as a lawyer and an attorney at Law Office Leppik & Partners.

Jüri is the Chairman of the Estonian Bar Association Insolvency Law Committee.

Jüri is proficient in both English and Finnish, and in spoken Russian language.

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