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Jüri Sirel

Sworn Attorney / Managing Partner

Sworn attorney Jüri Sirel advises clients primarily in matters of financial, commercial and bankruptcy law, the law of obligations and administrative law. Jüri possesses extensive experience representing clients on all levels of the judicial system in civil and administrative disputes, arbitral disputes and precontractual and extra-judicial negotiations.

In addition, Jüri also handles legal consultation of companies in hedging various financial risks, establishing and restructuring companies, competition law, real estate transactions, contractual disputes, and preparing notices of appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. Jüri has played a role in the work of bankruptcy committees in a number of major bankruptcy cases and has represented creditors and debtors in protection of their interests in all stages of bankruptcy proceedings.

Jüri is a managing partner at Sirel & Partners. He is a 2001 cum laude graduate of Concordia International University’s school of law in the field of international, European Union and comparative law. He has obtained further experience as a lecturer on legal topics and taking part in various in-service training and legal work groups.

Jüri has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 2002 and a sworn attorney since 2004. Before the founding of Sirel & Partners, he was employed as a lawyer and an attorney at Law Office Leppik & Partners.

Jüri is the Chairman of the Estonian Bar Association Insolvency Law Committee.

Jüri is proficient in both English and Finnish, and in spoken Russian language.

Anneli Aab

Sworn Attorney / partner

Sworn attorney Anneli Aab specialises in resolving various disputes in civil and administrative court proceedings.

From the civil field, Anneli has dealt extensively with intellectual property law, media and personal data disputes, as well as various contractual (particularly sales, rent and contract for services) and non-contractual issues. Anneli advises clients both extrajudicially and also in dispute resolution in court.

In administrative court proceedings, Anneli has extensive experience in public procurement as well as in various disputes related to planning and building permit procedures.

Anneli is conscientious and dedicated to the client and her goal has always been to achieve the best possible solution for the client. Anneli’s professional experience and competence have also been recognised by various international publications producing legal market reviews (LEGAL 500 has recognised Anneli as a next generation attorney and a rising star in the field of dispute resolution).

Before joining the Law Firm Sirel & Partners, Anneli worked at LEADELL Pilv Law Firm from 2012 to 2022. Before that, Anneli was in the telecom sector, advising one of Estonia’s largest telecom companies (current business name Telia Eesti AS) as an in-house lawyer.

Anneli has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 2012 and a sworn attorney since 2014. In addition, since 2014 Anneli is also a member of the Intellectual Property and IT Law Committee of the Estonian Bar Association.

Anneli is proficient in English.

Artur Knjazev

Sworn Attorney / partner

Sworn attorney Artur Knjazev specializes in dispute resolution in the field of commercial and corporate law. Artur has also advised clients in criminal law and criminal procedure, including cases Artur with international dimensions.

Artur joined Sirel & Partners Law Firm in 2023. Previously he worked at COBALT Law Firm. Besides working as an attorney, he also holds seminars at University of Tartu School of Law.

He has a master’s degree in law since 2016 from University of Tartu. Since 2016, he has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association, and a member of the Board of Association of Young Attorneys of Estonia since 2017.

Among foreign languages, Artur is fluent in English and Russian.

Sworn Attorneys

Steven-Hristo Evestus

Sworn Attorney

Sworn attorney Steven-Hristo Evestus specializes in criminal law and criminal procedure, as well advises clients in whistleblower protection.


Steven-Hristo joined at Sirel & Partnerid Law Firm since 2023.

Steven-Hristo is a 2001 graduate of the University of Tartu`s Institute of Law and has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 2023.

Steven-Hristo has a long and meaningful experience in the public sector, working for approx. 17 years in the Prosecutor’s Office. In 2002 – 2018, Steven-Hristo worked in the positions of Assistant Prosecutor, District Prosecutor, Special Prosecutor, State Prosecutor and Chief State Prosecutor in the Northern District Prosecutor’s Office and the Office of the Prosecutor`s General. The main areas of work were managing the pre-trial proceedings of professional, economic and money laundering cases and representing the state prosecution in all court levels. Also, in 2014-2018, he was a Member and Chairman of the Prosecutors’ Ethics Council and was involved in resolving issues of prosecutors’ professional ethics.

In 2019-2023 operated in the private and third sector.

In 2019-2023 Steven-Hristo worked as a content creator and trainer for e-learning trainings on anti-corruption and anti-money laundering and data protection for the cyber security company CybExer Technologies (later RiskSight).

In 2019-2023 Steven-Hristo participated in the activities of Transparency International Estonia (the accredited representative of Transparency International), both as a Member and the Chairman of the Board as well as Executive Director. In the non-governmental organization, his tasks included implementing the organization`s strategies, participating in projects and advocacy activities, and conducting anti-corruption and business ethics trainings for both the public and private sector organizations. He has also actively participated in the activities related to the proceedings of the draft law on the protection of whistleblowers and has trained several organizations in the principles and obligations arising from the adoption of the whistleblower protection directive. 2023 took part in the creation of the Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre for whistleblowers launched under Transparency International Estonia and is now working as its volunteer expert.

Steven-Hristo has published opinion articles on anti-corruption and anti-money laundering topics and has provided legal evaluations of cases related to corruption and conflict of interest.

Among foreign languages, Steven-Hristo is fluent in English and Russian.


Catryna Kandla


Attorney Catryna Kandla has specialized in resolving disputes in  civil court proceedings, including in the field family and succession law. Catryna also advises clients on employment law. 

Catryna joined Sirel & Partnerid Law Firm in 2021, when she started working as an assistant. Prior to joining Sirel & Partners Law Firm, Catryna worked as an assistant at Maria Mägi Law Firm and also at Vladimir Sadekov Law Firm.

Catryna is a graduate of Tallinn School of Economics in 2018, specializing in legal assistant and she obtained her master’s degree in law in 2023 from University of Tartu.

Catryna is proficient in English.

Under Art. 40 (3) of the Estonian Bar Association Act, lawyers do not provide legal services. Lawyers assist attorneys.

Taavi Hein


Attorney Taavi Hein has specialized in resolving disputes in administrative court proceedings and civil court proceedings, including in the field of commercial and corporate law, and resolving disputes related to the acquisition and transfer of real estate. Taavi also advises international clients on immigration and employment law.

Taavi joined Sirel & Partners law Firm in 2022. Prior to joining Sirel & Partners legal team, Taavi worked as a lawyer at the Tallinn City Office and advised the city mainly in the field of contract law and public procurement. Additionally, Taavi was a stagiaire at the European Commission, Legal Service in Brussels, gaining practical knowledge of European Union law. Taavi has improved his legal knowledge at the University of Aarhus, mainly in European Union law and contract law. Taavi has also practiced at the Ministry of Justice and several major law firms during his studies.

Taavi received his Master´s degree in 2020 from the University of Tartu.

Taavi’s native language is Estonian and he is also proficient in English.


Kristiina Kaarna

Attorney (membership in Bar Association suspended)

Attorney Kristiina Kaarna is active in public procurement, AML and data protection areas. She is a co-author of Public Procurement Act 2017 and has been actively working as AML expert, Compliance Officer and Data Protection Officer. Her experience as a public speaker and coach exceeds 10 years.

Kristiina joined Sirel & Partners Law Firm in 2021. Her previous work experience entails working as an attorney at Deloitte Legal and as a data protection officer and Compliance Officer at Coinmetro – the cryptocurrency exchange and digital securities launchpad platform.

She has obtained her Master´s degree in Law at University of Tartu and Master´s degree of EU studies from European Institute of Basel, Switzerland. Kristiina has additionally broadened her expertise at Estonian IT College and holds the Chainalysis crypto transactions tracking and analysis tools’ certificates (CKC and CRC).

Her native language is Estonian, she is also proficient in Russian, German, English and Swedish.


Reelika Rohi


Lawyer Reelika Rohi assists the firm’s attorneys-at-law in their daily work in all areas of law, with most of her experience in resolving disputes in civil litigation.

Reelika joined Sirel & Partners Law firm in 2024. Before joining the Law firm Sirel & Partners, Reelika has gained legal experience in private and public sector, working as a lawyer at LEADELL Pilv Law Office in 2020-2023, at the Rescue Board in 2019-2020 and at Jõelähtme Municipality in 2015-2019.

Reelika holds a Master’s degree in Law from Tallinn University, Estonia, in 2018.

Reelika is proficient in English.

Of Counsels

Teddi Rull

Of Counsel

Teddi Rull assists and advises Sirel & Partners Law Firm advocates primarily in the field of mergers and acquisitions and competition law. His area of expertise also includes corporate and European Union law.

Teddi has played a part in harmonizing domestic Estonian legal acts with the law of the European Union and developing draft amendments. He has on several occasions advised our advocates to provide legal services to the largest Nordic private capital funds in matters pertaining to Estonian mergers, and has helped advocates to carry out a merger of one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers and retailers.

Teddi received a master’s degree from the University of Stockholm and as a member of that university’s team, won first place in 2004 at the European Law Moot Court Competition held at the Court of Justice in Luxembourg. Before joining Sirel & Partners, he was employed by the international Law Office of White & Case, Brussels.

Teddi is proficient on a professional level in Russian and English.

Turgay Kuleli

Of Counsel

Turgay Kuleli advises Sirel & Partners Law Firm lawyers primarily in the field of non-Estonian clients doing or wishing to do business in Estonia and/or other countries of Baltic and Nordic region.

Turgay has expertise in international wealth and tax planning, cross-border transactions, international trust law, private foundation law, international and Turkish capital markets law, Turkish law.  He has a good number of articles published in international publications such as Trusts & Trustees of Oxford University, Global Law Review, The International Legal Comparative Guide, Swiss Private Magazine.

Turgay Kuleli is a 1996 graduate of the Faculty of Law of Ankara University and also holds MBA and LLM degrees. He has been awarded the TEP qualification from the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners UK (STEP). He took a set of training and tests conducted by foreign and local establishments such as the New York Institute of Finance, the Swiss Finance Institute, the STEP UK, the Capital Markets Board of Turkey and the Istanbul Securities Exchange, and was awarded licences and certificates.

Turgay is native Turkish speaker and proficient on a professional level in English.

Support team

Stefanie Staritšenkov


Assistant Stefanie Staritšenkov is responsible for administrative function in our office and she assists advocates in their everyday work.

Stefanie Staritšenkov works as an assistant at Law Firm Sirel & Partners since 2021. Prior to joining Sirel & Partners legal team, Stefanie worked as a service manager at Cafe Komeet and she will be graduate of Tallinn School of Economics, specializing in legal assistant.

Stefanie is proficient in English.

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