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Criminal Proceedings and Misdemeanour Proceedings

The Sirel & Partners Law Firm provides legal assistance in both criminal and misdemeanour cases. Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing clients in pre-trial and judicial proceedings, particularly in the area of white-collar crimes. We have many years of experience at different levels of jurisdiction, and have negotiated on behalf of our clients with both investigators and prosecutors to conclude the proceedings. We represent clients in their communication with various law enforcement authorities, including the police and the prosecutor’s office. Lawyers also have extensive experience in defending the interests of victims in offence proceedings.

Often, especially in the case of white-collar crimes, the client becomes aware of a possible suspicion quite unexpectedly. Often with the first procedural act. It is important for the lawyer to be able to defend the client’s interests from the very start of criminal proceedings. Therefore, we are ready to respond promptly to our clients’ needs, regardless of the time of day or location.

Among other things, we provide the following legal services:

  • advisory service to mitigate potential risks
  • preparing a report of criminal offence for the commencement of criminal proceedings. If necessary, disputing the related rulings
  • defending in misdemeanour and criminal cases in extrajudicial proceedings
  • defending in general and summary proceedings
  • defending the rights of victims in misdemeanour and criminal proceedings, preparing a civil action, if necessary
  • disputing the seizure and confiscation of property
  • representing before the European Court of Human Rights

Contact persons

Janno Kuusk

Sworn Attorney / Partner

Sworn attorney Janno Kuusk’s area of expertise lies in the law of obligations, contract law, employment law, securities law, bankruptcy law and aviation law.

Janno prepares and analyzes various legal documents in these fields and represents clients in precontractual negotiations as well as in court.

In his everyday activity, Janno provides consultation to many of Estonia’s major industries and commercial companies on a running basis in issues of commercial law and the law of obligations, including one of Estonia’s largest retailers, Estonia’s largest distiller and one of Estonia’s largest beverage manufacturers and breweries. Janno also services many foreign clients, including one of the world’s largest insurance groups.

Janno is a 2004 graduate of the University of Tartu’s Institute of law and has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 2005. Janno became sworn attorney in 2008. Before joining Sirel & Partners, he was employed at one of Estonia’s largest media companies and at Hansapank, specializing in securities.

Janno is proficient in both English and Finnish, and in spoken Russian language.

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