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Nikolai Majerovitš


Attorney Nikolai Majerovitš has more than seven years of practical experience in tax and customs law. Nikolai provides clients with different advisory services and works with effective resolution of judicial and extra-judicial disputes.

Regarding the customs law, Nikolai consults clients for instance in selecting the best customs procedure, applying necessary customs permits, classifying goods, reducing customs guarantees, and also in other matters related to customs and excise.

Before the cooperation with the law firm Sirel & Partners Nikolai worked as an attorney of tax and customs law at the biggest law firm in the Baltic States. Nikolai has also worked in the legal department of the Tax and Customs Board, where he represented the board in all courts, participated in a tax dispute at the European Court of Justice as a chief advisor of Estonian Republic, additionally he advised the board in carrying out different operational engagements and was a lawyer on-call for customs-related operational matters.

Nikolai has experience for instance in carrying out the following projects:

  • consultations and preparation of documents for the operator of the large customs warehouse and terminal
  • successful representation of the oil refinery company  in the dispute with the Tax and Customs Board
  • representation of a supermarket chain in fiscal supervision
  • successful resolution of the dispute between the worldwide car manufacturer and the Tax and Customs Board
  • development of tax accounting methodology for the international travel agency
  • carrying out a tax planning in the selection of more tax-efficient customs procedure and application of necessary permits
  • tax consultation of the well-known leading IT company
  • tax consultation of one of the largest fuel companies in Europe
  • consultation of one of the largest fuel companies in Europe regarding the matters of tax and customs
  • successful extra-judicial representation of the company active in e-commerce in the VAT-related dispute
  • tax-related consultations of different companies regarding their consultation contracts, including possible re-qualification risks by the Tax and Customs Board (regarding the risks of the so-called tax optimization through private limited companies)
  • consultations of different companies regarding their VAT treatment of real estate

Nikolai is a member of the Bar since 2 September 2014. Nikolai is proficient in Estonian, Russian and English.

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