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Sandra TootsAttorney

Sandra Toots

Attorney Sandra Toots joined Sirel & Partners Law Firm in 2015.


Her primary focus is corporate and contract law, advising clients on corporate law matters and on topics related to the day-to-day management of the company, conclusion of agreements between shareholders and agreements between company and its members of the management board, and on topics related to the foundation, merger, division, and liquidation of companies.

In addition to the forementioned, she is assisting clients in drafting various contracts and resolving different issues related to contracts and contract law.


Sandra obtained her master’s degree in law in 2012 from University of Tartu.

As for the previous experiences, Sandra worked as a lawyer at Lentsius & Talts Law Firm and as an attorney at Lentsius & CASUS.

In 2011-2013 Sandra worked as a lawyer in the logistics office in the procurement and technical service department at Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. Her main duties there were conducting public procurements, representing the Police and Border Guard Board in disputes, and advising the officials on matters concerning public procurements.

Sandra has been a member of Estonian Bar Association since 2013 and a member of an Estonian Moot Court Society since 2011.

Sandra is proficient in English.


Publications: “Reinstatement of a deleted company to the Registry of Companies”, MaksuMaksja, 2014 no. 3

Sandra Toots

Telefon: 606 9600
Faks: 606 9601

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