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We are happy to announce that since May 11th, our legal team has welcomed an attorney Virge Murak to join us

Virge has gathered her experiences working at well-known law firms Entsik & Partners and Heringson GLO.

She specializes in parts of private law, mainly employment law, family law, contract law, construction and property law resolving in court and out of court disputes in those previously mentioned.

Virge obtained her Master´s degree in Law at University of Tartu in 2009 and since 2011 Virge has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association.

She is proficient in Russian, English and German languages.

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We are happy to announce that since May 11th, our legal team has welcomed an attorney Virge Murak to join us


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Sirel & Partners – Law Firm is expanding its team of partners.


Our newest addition to the circle of partners is Attorney at Law Kristel Viru.
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The Employer has the right to reduce wages down to an existing official minimum wage.


The Estonian Government has declared an emergency situation concerning with the spread of coronavirus since March 12, 2020.
The economic environment has changed drastically, and many employers find themselves in a position where they are faced with dramatic drop in demand and are looking for ways to reduce labor costs.
Looking at long-term solutions redundancies are the answer, short-term however it is possible to temporarily reduce the wages of existing personnel down to official minimum wage.
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Is the breach of obligations excusable in light of COVID-19?


Since March 12, an emergency situation was declared by an Estonian Goverment due to the spread of coronavirus. The whole economic environment has changed dramatically and a great number of enterprises are faced with the ruthless truth of not being able to fulfill their contractual and non-contractual oblgations. A question of what can be done to protect ones company and legal rights is being asked by many right now.
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Sirel & Partners Golf Open 2019 will be held at Pärnu Bay Golf Links during 5-6 July 2019


This year the competition will celebrate it's 10th anniversary. The first 2 years were held at Estonian Golf & Country Club and the last 7 years at Otepää Golf Center. It's time to move on and to discover Pärnu as our summer capital.
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